It took a hiatus in the early 70s and started a comeback in the late 80s, but now hot rodding is back, and stronger than ever. Today, Detroit is producing vehicles quicker, faster, and with better handling than in the heyday of muscle cars in the late 60s. Attendance at car shows across America is at an all time high. More and more people are building "hot rods" and "street rods" and showing/racing them. This has also increased the number and circulation of magazines dedicated to this venue. Unfortunately, all the hard work that you put into your vehicle does not always get you a photo shoot in one of these magazines, or even a trophy at a show.

The founders of SeeMyCar.com and SeeMyTruck.com are automotive enthusiasts and have created a site that we would like to use. SeeMyCar.com and SeeMyTruck.com were developed to empower anyone with an Internet connection, the ability to showcase their vehicle(s) on the World Wide Web.

This is a FREE service that allows YOU to showcase your car or truck JUST LIKE YOUR FAVORITE AUTOMOTIVE MAGAZINES. Did the judges miss your "ride" at the last show? No problem. Did that magazine photographer take pictures of your vehicle only for them to end up on the cutting room floor, never to be published! We've got your answer right here.

Take control and show off your hard work. Be your own judge/editor/publisher. Display whatever pictures YOU decide. List whatever stats YOU want (and change/update them at anytime). YOU'RE THE BOSS.

Search to see other vehicles like yours. See what the current trends are. Do you want to know how good (or bad) a certain color or set of wheels would look on you vehicle? There's a good chance someone else has already been there and done that.

We appreciate you taking the time to look around and we hope you enjoy SeeMyCar.com and SeeMyTruck.com.


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